Ray M

                          ~ Training Manager ~

                                  “I recently attended a Professional                  Development and Team Building                                    workshop with COOEE Corporate.                                   The one-day program consisted of a number of team building activities, which required participants to work together, apply an analytical approach to tasks and to think outside the square to achieve a successful outcome for each of the activities. The activities were well structured, imaginative and fun. I was genuinely impressed with the team building concepts presented and how easily these concepts could be applied in the workplace. Krystle and Belinda displayed cheerful, professional attitudes and an easy-going style. I would highly recommend this program to any employer or management team looking to promote the benefits of working in a team-based environment.”

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COOEE Success Stories

We   love   sharing   the   fun   that   friends   of   COOEE   have   experienced   and   hope   you   delight   in   hearing   about them as much as we relished getting to know them and what makes their team tick.
I want my team to become a SUCCESS Story! I want my team to become a SUCCESS Story!

                                    Michele M

                                       ~ Associate Director of Sales ~

                                   Firstly a HUGE thank you for the                                       day, it was a terrific experience                                    for our team.  Your genuine, professional and natural ability to present challenging activities suited to all capabilities really showed through with our session.  You  were both very engaging and positively thought provoking. We were amazed at the amount of outcomes and takeaways we achieved in even a short session.

                   Cappi L

~ Head of Special Education

                               Services ~

I am very happy with the outcome of having employed Cooee Corporate to work with our team. I can confidently say that they have enabled our team to function more positively,  harmoniously, as well as more productively. All staff now understand how to best communicate with one another, ensuring all members of the team are valued and heard. Staff wellbeing is essential in our environment as we all work so closely and often in demanding circumstances. I would recommend Cooee Corporate to anyone looking for an edge in team functionality.

                    Anna V

   ~ Proposals Coordinator ~

“I was recently fortunate enough to be a part of a team session with  COOEE Corporate. At the beginning of the day, I knew few members of the group but, being placed in the wonderful team building environment with thoughtful discovery- driven tasks meant that by the end of the day I had gotten to know a lot about how these people worked and how to work effectively with them. Everyone has strengths and the breadth of tasks allowed every talent to shine. I’d recommend a day with Belinda and Krystle to any company looking to strengthen their team environment.”