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“You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note!” ~ Doug Floyd ~

Belinda Stuart

Ring Master

Belinda entices you into an excited frenzy of experiential learning activities with over 10 years of experience in client relationship and staff management. These experiences enable Belinda to understand and relate to your needs, delivering a quality solution that fits with your culture and objectives. Most importantly, Belinda will help you and your team jump through hoops, climb up and over mountains and cross bridges you never thought were possible!   

Our Fantastic Team

Krystle Divertie

Organisation Queen

Krystle keeps you and your team organised and on track to achieving success with 12 years of national and international experience in outdoor safety, training and staff management. She has hands on experience in a variety of environments and companies making her versatility boundless. Krystle has the ability to share and balance her extensive knowledge and tools with you and your team ensuring your “A” team is delivered in a timely manner.

Other Fun Characters

A “Ring Master” & an “Organisation Queen” can’t run a successful adventure by themselves (As much as they’d like to think they can!).  COOEE has a variety of fun, authentic characters that help facilitate your team’s journey towards strength, empowerment and success.
COOEE   goes   on   so   many   fun   adventures   that   we   unquestionably   believe   in   the   health   and   safety of all our friends and family.  We aim to; Go   on   adventures   in   line   with   current   legislation,   regulations,   codes   of   practice   and appropriate national standards Create and play within our rules for all activities Get our staff on board with their safety and yours Give you all the fun facts, drills and direction, before, during and after activities Continually update our rules as they evolve Provide emergency exit points with jazz hands
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The COOEE Corporate Team is driven by a passion to inspire individuals and empower teams to become great.  They do this by being connected, authentic, extraordinary, inspirational and most importantly incorporating fun in everything they do.
Iíve heard enough... How do I sign my team up? Iíve heard enough... How do I sign my team up? e: e: e: e: Start my team adventure with COOEE! Start my team adventure with COOEE!